Angela is from the beautiful city of Door County, Wisconsin. She is majoring in international business and supply chain and minoring in strategic management. She hopes to one day work within sourcing in the Twin Cities. Angela has been watching the Crown lately on Netflix and is double jointed!


Director of Finance

Varun is studying Supply Chain and Marketing. He is from Aurora, IL and wants to go into corporate law after he's done with schooling. Besides being on the board he also plays on an ultimate frisbee team for the U!


Director of Marketing

Mary is a junior and is majoring in Supply Chain & Operations Management and Marketing. She is from Bloomington, MN, home of the Mall of America! Mary hopes to help create transparency in the garment industry.


Director of Membership

Yifei has lived many places, from China to Edina to Plymouth. She is majoring in supply chain with a minor in MIS. Yefei hopes to find her niche within supply chain and build upon her strengths. "Anne with an E" is her favorite show at the moment!


Director of Operations

Jennifer is from Mankato, Minnesota and is majoring in Supply chain with a minor in MIS. She wants to explore many supply chain paths throughout her career. One super cool thing about Jennifer is that she can speak Norwegian.


Director of Programming

Madison is from Hartland, Wisconsin. She is majoring in supply chain with a minor in business analytics to help her find an industry she is passionate about. Madison has recently been learning how to cross stitch and loves to watch the show Survivor.

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